Get Fit and Don’t Quit

Get Fit and Don't Quit



Despite America’s reputation as a world power,

our nation falls short in some frightening ways.

Currently, two in three Americans are considered

overweight or obese and only one in three adults

get the recommended amount of physical activity

per week. Not only are Americans exercising less,

they’re eating more—600 more calories more

than they expend each day. We urge you

to be defined in other ways,

but not by this statistic!

Who we are

VigorUS Fitness is dedicated to serving the fitness community with research and news about trending topics and accessibility to advice and services from trainers all across the country. Our VigorUS 50 program was created to act as a Who’s Who in the industry and showcase some of the nation’s top specialists in their areas of expertise. With our blend of trainers, you can find a specialist in your area that focuses on anything from Aerial Yoga, Boxing, CrossFit… to Zumba. Whatever your interest, we have it!

What We Offer

Our wide range of specialists and services they provide is backed by industry knowledge and our passion to help clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their unique, changing needs. All of our trainers are certified by a nationally accredited board that ensures current industry standards are maintained.  

Why is a certification important? It shows that the trainer put the time and effort into reading a textbook, taking a course and passing a structured exam.

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What our clients say

What some recent clients say about their experience with VigorUS Fitness

"VigorUS Fitness was the missing piece to my puzzle. In the past, my wife and I had tried a few trainers that were recommended to us by friends. But with Vigorus, we were able to really see our options on here without having to join multiple gyms to find the right person for us."
John Shell
Owner, Cupz Coffe House
I was really impressed with the way VigorUS Fitness made finding my trainer easy. I didn't have to go through a ton of questions and answers before I found what I was looking for.
Brandon Vega
Operations Lead, General Entropy

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