About VigorUS Fitness

Group Of Men And Women Squatting With Kettlebells
*Jamie Phillips, founder of VigorUS Fitness, began his career in the fitness world while attending Rutgers University. Upon graduation, much to his parent’s dismay, he turned down a corporate job to continue his career as a full-time certified personal trainer. The gym he made his start in was eventually bought out by a larger chain and he worked his way up the ranks to become Master Trainer and Fitness Manager before eventually buying his own gym, Lakeside Fitness Center. Starting out as “Oakland’s best kept secret,” Lakeside Fitness Center had grown to earn the title “Best of Bergen” award for each of the 5 years Jamie was there. After doubling the membership base, hiring more than 50 employees and implementing numerous innovative fitness trends, he sold Lakeside Fitness Center and began VigorUS Fitness. VigorUS Fitness was created BY an entrepreneur FOR entrepreneurs. Before the launch, Jamie took a passive role in VigorUS Fitness to earn his Financial Advisor credentials. Now with one of the biggest financial firms in the world, he focuses his efforts on helping individuals and small business owners achieve their financial goals and meet their business needs. 
*Shani Hawkins, founder of Hunter Jack Design and Shaping by Shani, has over 15 years of experience in both the design and fitness fields. When you ask Siri or Alexa to show you a superhero, Shani’s picture should pop up. By day, she can be found sitting in front of a computer designing logos, creating marketing pieces and helping companies with their brand and by evening she can be found either training her clients or taking care of her family. Shani agreed to join the VigorUS team because of its unique combination of creative vision and fitness inspiration.  
*Hunter Phillips, known for his awesome blue-rimmed glasses, is a member of the VigorUS team by default. In between games of hide and seek and splashy time in the bath, Hunter enjoys mounds of chopped fruit and watching Disney’s Moana. His role with the company is to serve as a reminder to do what you love and for who you love. He puts the “US” in VigorUS and helps bring us together as a family.