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We showcase trainer profiles, including bios and links to their own personal pages, by offering a listing on our site.  We offer the public an easy way to find you by having your profile show when they enter in their zip code.  We market YOUR BRAND whether you are a gym owner, a local trainer looking to do in-homes or an online trainer looking for more clients.

The VigorUS 50 was created BY a fitness entrepreneur FOR other fitness entrepreneurs. As a former Personal Trainer who moved his way through the ranks of a coroporate gym, morphed into an in-home trainer and then bought his own gym, our Founder has made it his mission to help fitness entrepreneurs succeed. We applaud your bravery and want to reward you by helping you market your brand and making your dream a reality. It’s a win, win, win for you, your clients and US.

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Whether you have a gym to call home, do in-home sessions or rely on the weather in parks, your equipment will speak volumes about you. Find some of the latest and greatest tools and toys here.

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One of the biggest mistakes a trainer can make is not getting and maintaining a certification. A certification is what helps set you apart from the “others.” Get your credentials here.

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Did you forget how many muscles make up the rotator cuff? Want a refresher on how actin and myosin work together to make a muscle contract? Find all of that and more in this section.

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When you spend a majority of your day training, programming and taking care of clients, it’s often a challenge keeping your finances in order, too. Whether your needs are personal or business, we can help keep you achieve financial fitness.